Ballonger Norden

19. - 24. August



The Nordic Cup is residing at the Dayz Resort, where we will meet for check-in and briefings.

The address is:

Dayz Resort, Søhøjlandet
Lille Amerika
8883 Gjern
Phone: 87 56 20 11





19.08.2014 at 15.00 - 17.00, Dayz Resort

General briefing:

19.08.2014 at 18.00 -

Briefing for observers:

Following the general briefing

"Sunrise" and "Sunset":

The Nordic Cup Organizers have decided that "Sunrise" will commence at 06.00 hrs and that "Sunset" will commence at 20.30 hrs during the entire Cup.


NB: Please note that the times listed below are for guidance only and may change due to weather conditions.


  Flight Date Briefing Starting time
  1 20.08.2014 05.00 hrs 07.00 hrs
  2 20.08.2014 16.00 hrs 18.00 hrs 
  3 21.08.2014 05.00 hrs 07.00 hrs
  4 21.08.2014 16.00 hrs 18.00 hrs 
  5 22.08.2014 05.00 hrs 07.00 hrs 
  6 22.08.2014 16.00 hrs  18.00 hrs 
  7 23.08.2014 05.00 hrs  07.00 hrs 
  8 23.08.2014 16.00 hrs  18.00 hrs 
  Reserve 24.08.2014 05.00 hrs 07.00 hrs 



Final flight:

24.08.2014 at 10.00 at Radisson Blu, Hotel Papirfabrikken, Papirfabrikken 12, 8600 Silkeborg.


Maps and other relevant information

The entry fee includes 3 maps per team (Fiesta 2 maps) which will be handed out when the Nordic Cup begins.
If you would like the maps to be forwarded by mail prior to the Nordic Cup, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The postage will be for your own account.

The list of conventional signs may be downloaded from here.
Maps of the flight area may be downloaded from here.
Ozi Explorer calibration file may be downloaded from here (please note that this is not an official Nordic Cup file but is a service made available from Henning Sørensen to the Nordic Cup participants).


Bjarne Jensen, Formand
Arne Jakobsen
David Florander


The Nordic Cup propane will be delivered by Kosangas. Please note that all teams are required to arrive at the Nordic Cup with adequate propane for the first flight. Further information on propane fuelling will be given at the general briefing.

Guidance in use of the FAI logger

During the Nordic Cup we will use the FAI logger. You may familiarize yourself with a guidance of the logger which may be downloaded from here.


Competition rules

The competition rules for the Nordic Cup may be downloaded from here. A version with the 2013 amendments marked may be downloaded from here.


Observer manual

The observer manual may be downloaded from here.


Logger manual

A manual on the competition logger may be downloaded from here. An online version is made available from here.


PZ list

The updated PZ list may be downloaded from here.


CLP liste

The updated CLP list will soon be made available.